Welcome to this website. I retired after working for nearly 37 years with patients and clients who have experienced brain and/or spinal cord injuries. Within a year of retirement, I earned my real estate license. I do residential real estate of all kinds…but my real passion is with special needs housing.

Finding available wheelchair accessible and other modified houses throughout the province of Ontario and beyond is a major part of my business. I love matching these houses with clients who require the special features of the house.

Over the last few years, I have been finding professionals who are very experienced and trustworthy. I know with full confidence that I can refer my clients to these very talented people. This group includes many different professionals…an engineer, contractors, carpenters, lift installers, rehabilitation workers, mortgage brokers and home inspectors…the list goes on and on. It has taken a while to find the right people, but I am thrilled to have such a terrific group of people that work well together for the benefit of my clients. You are welcome to the contact information for these people.

There is a section on this website for Available Accessible Houses Throughout Ontario. This is updated regularly.

There is a large and growing list of Articles of Interest on the site…articles cover a broad range of topics concerning accessibility and related issues, housing and helpful websites to view.

The current real estate market holds many unique opportunities, so if I can be of assistance to anyone at all who is interested in buying or selling a home, please give me a call or
Email me.


Yours truly, Peggy Stewart.
(BA, R.E.T., E.P.T., S.R.E.S.)